Tu lan Cave Encounter

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Tu lan Cave Encounter

Please ensure that you are ready and your health is good enough to take part in these activities conveniently.
·        12 km walk through tropical forest, mountain and rocky roads.
·        Sling up to 150m (from valley to the top of mountain and vice versa)
·        Swimming inside caves about 1 km with 200m- 500m depth each cave
·        Walking and climbing in caves 3 km
·        2 days and 1 nights in caves and tropical forests.
Experience in walking in caves or mountain.
Basic swimming skills is obligatory.
This tour opens your gaze out onto the amazing scene of the Tu Lan area: Caves, karst mountains, tropical forests and waterfalls. This is the chance to get out of developed society and discover the rugged terrains and inaccessible nature in Viet Nam for 2 days and 1 nights with professional guide who speaks English well and jungle porter team.
This tour is very suitable to enjoy the feelings of adventure in Tu Lan area with forests and cave system if you don’t have much time.
You will have a chance to discover Ken Cave, Kim Cave, Hung Ton Cave and surely Tu Lan Cave. You will experience the feeling of walking over 12km through rugged forests for two days and of course swim in the caves.
Once the sun slowly sank, it’s the time for a night in the forest at our great Tu Lan campsite near a beautiful waterfall. And it’s the time for you to sit together near the campfire and -enjoy a great BBQ. And of course the sounds of insects and flowing waters are indispensable in this wonderful night.
Note: Unexpected changes on itinerary may occur in case of bad weather conditions.

DAY 1: Phong Nha- Tan hoa- Tu Lan Cave

In the period from 7:30 am to 8:00 am, get ready and you will be picked up at your hotel in Phong Nha. And then, you have chance to take a look at the village of Tan Hoa, 70 km from your hotel. After everything is checked carefully and a safety brief, the thing that you need to do is sign our Release Form before starting to enjoy long walking for a full day. Firstly, you will walk 2.5 km through fields of peanut with huge water buffaloes around and trek across towering corn stalks and Rao Nan River is the next destination.
You will carry on your discovery by climbing 30m up to rocky hill to get access to a small jungle opening where you can take a great look and get a deep breath before a descent lasting about 100m down to Hung Ton Valley. You will have time to take a rest and enjoy lunch in the Hung Ton Cave opening and then you will continue your adventure by walking from Hung Ton Valley to Mango Mountain, then return Tu Lan Valley from 3km from there. By the middle of afternoon, Tu Lan cave campsite will be on the horizon, and this is a great time to enjoy the feeling of swimming in the stunning waterfall. There are a lot of activities in the afternoon including discovering and swimming through Ken Cave, located near to the campsite, and then it’s time for lunch with delicious BBQ. Hammocks or tents are prepared for you to have a good night among trees.

DAY 2: Tu Lan- Tan Hoa- Phong Nha

The second day of the adventure will be begun with a healthy breakfast to give you more strength to explore more caves. The adventure starts with swimming across the river into the center of Tu Lan cave System. You will  have time to take a look at the blue lagoon entrance before go though Tu Lan cave entrance about 180m. Carry on by climbing and squeezing to discover the dry part, after that, you can get access to the dry exit and walk a short way through valley into Kim Cave dry entrance. Take a rest to have time to enjoy natural beauty like a window in Kim Cave, and then your adventure continues by swimming for 450m and trekking about 500m through Hang Kim to To Mo Valley. Take a break and you will have time to enjoy lunch prepared near the beautiful waterfall by Hung Tin Cave entrance. After thet, you will go along a dry road before swimming out through Hung Ton wet Cave.  Following this road and walk down to Hung Ton Valley 800m from here.
The next destination is Tan Hoa and this is a great chance for you to take a stunning photo with beautiful scenery and enjoy a cold drink.  If you want to clean up and change, showers are available here. The adventure back to Phong Nha starts about 4 pm and we will arrive Phong Nha by 5:30 pm.

·        Camping equipment: camp light, tent, sleeping bag, pillow and mattresses.
·        Caving equipment: caving headlight, caving helmet, life jacket and gloves.
·        Light backpack: you can use if you need, because it can get wet.
·        Dry backpack: To take clothes and personal belongings along except for electronics.
·        Trekking boots: if you do not have your own boots, sizes 36- 45 are prepared.
·        Meals: breakfast for day 2, picnic lunches for day 1 and day 2, dinner for day 1
·        Experience tour guide with professional English- speaking skill, beside guide safety supporter.
·        Porter team will bring all camping equipment  along and prepare all meals.
·        Dry box for phones and small cameras ( limited availability)
·        Basic camping equitment with eco-friendly compost toilet designed with western toilet seat.
·        First Aid Kit and Medical equipment: applied by only guides and porter team.
·        Secure Storage Facility at Phong Nha Headquarters to store your belongings or luggage if you do not use while trekking.
·        One long pants that is easy to dry; one long sleeved shirt ( quick dry) to wear while trekking.
·        One pair of short and T-shirt to wear at campsite beside one swim suit.
·        One pair of trekking boots- tough terrain, so good trekking is essential to protect you. Gore-Tex/ waterproof shoes should not be used because they do not drain well. However, you should wear footwear that you feel comfortable .
·        One pair of flip flop to use in campsite.
·        One towel with medium size.
·        From two to three pairs of calf length densely woven socks ( not ankle socks)
Personal items: sunglasses, mosquito repellent, hat, underwear, toiletries, small camera.
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