Hanoi Travel Guide

Being the heart and the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is definitely a must-see destination for all tourists including both domestic and foreign tourists. To help the tourists have a comprehensive view of the city, Holidaytoindochina would like to share a list of Hanoi travel guides including the best time to visit, the way to get there, Hanoi’s transportation, the best attractions to see, the best things to do, and the best places to stay.

Hanoi Travel Guide

1. Overview of Hanoi:

This is a very important thing to know before you find out other things about Hanoi. About location, Hanoi locates in the North of Vietnam, very easy to check on the internet. Hanoi does not have mountains and beaches but has thousand years of civilization with many museums, temples, and pagodas so the main tour in Hanoi is Hanoi city tour full day. Come to Hanoi, you will have a chance to visit all highlights of Hanoi (read below); explore the daily life of Hanoian – the way they communicate, the food they eat, the vehicle they use, etc.; and enjoy many famous street food.
Hanoi Travel Guide

2. The best time to visit Hanoi

Hanoi is a beautiful city that you can visit all time of the year because Hanoi has its own beauty in each season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. We would like to clarify the beauty of each season then you can choose the best time to visit Hanoi for yourselves.
Spring season (February – April): the weather of Hanoi is very humid and wet with drizzles in Spring. The average temperature normally is 18 degree. So the weather is very suitable for the plants to grow and flowers to blossom. Especially, Spring is also the time for many traditional festivals including Tet holiday or The New Year Festival – the biggest and most important festival of Vietnamese. Therefore, Spring is considered as a good time to visit Hanoi.
Summer season (May - August): In summer, Hanoi is very hot with the average temperature of 30 - 37 degree (and has risen up in recent years).  July is the hottest month of the year with the temperature of 36 - 40 degree. Along with the heat is heavy rain, not all time but in a long time, may be all day. So many people don’t like to visit Hanoi as well as the North of Vietnam in summer. However, the day in summer is longer than winter so you will have more time to explore Hanoi like watch Tai Chi at the morning, take photos of the sunset on the West Lake, etc. In addition, tour services in Summer are also cheaper than the others because this is a low season. So if you want to avoid crowded tourists or if you are limited about your budget, Summer is a good time to visit Hanoi for you.
Autumn season (September – November):  It can be said that Fall is best time for tourists to visit Hanoi. The weather of Hanoi in Autumn is cool, warm and dry, not too hot as Summer and too cold as Winter with the average temperature of 25 degree. The scenery and atmosphere of Hanoi in Autumn is also beautiful and romantic, which became a popular topic for many famous song and poems. It’s so lucky if you can visit Hanoi in Autumn.
Winter (December – January):  The winter of Hanoi is very cold with the temperature of 10 - 18 degree, may be dropped to 3 – 5 degree. So if you visit Hanoi this time, you should bring enough warm clothes. Someone don’t like the winter of Hanoi because of the cold weather and less the sunshine. On the other hand, many people love Hanoi’s winter the most compared to the others. Hanoi’s winter is a season of many delicious street food like grilled corn, fried bread sticks, congee, boiled snails, grilled Vietnamese sausages, hot rice flour cake, etc., which can warm you up in a chilly day. It’s also a season of wedding that you can see many blooms and brides took photos for their wedding. In Vietnam, only the North has the winter, and the winter of Hanoi is the most beautiful, not too cold as Sapa or Ha Giang or other provinces in the North. Many Hanoians who live in other Vietnam provinces, even in other countries, feel that they deeply remember the chill of Hanoi in the winter than any season. Let’s come and visit Hanoi in Winter and you will understand why Hanoians remember it so deeply!
Hanoi Travel Guide

How to get Hanoi

It’s very easy to come to Hanoi by flight, train, car as well as bus or motorbike.
By flight:
Hanoi has the Noi Bai International Airport, which is far about 35km north of the city so you can get Hanoi by flights easily and quickly.
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